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Whiplash Treatment from Your Chiropractor in Jacksonville, NC

Whiplash always takes sufferers by surprise.  Also known as neck strain, it occurs after a forceful, sudden event that is most often an auto accident.  The discomfort sometimes makes it difficult for affected individuals to even get through their normal daily routines, according to our chiropractor in Jacksonville, NC.  Our Jacksonville chiropractic practice offers treatments that deliver relief without the use of medication or surgery.


Overview of Whiplash

Sports events rank right behind auto accidents as the cause of whiplash.  Any force that makes the head jerk forward or backward suddenly could result in this disorder and cause stretched tendons and neck muscles.

Among sufferers who arrive at our Jacksonville chiropractic practice for treatment, these are the most frequent symptoms:

  • Neck muscles that feel hard or knotted
  • Neck tightness
  • Decreased range of motion
  • Neck pain when trying to move the head from side to side or front to back
  • Headaches starting at the base of the school and radiating toward the forehead

Sometimes pain or other discomfort occurs immediately.  It is important to get a medical evaluation as soon as possible after a potential injury since pain might not appear until days later.

Chiropractic Treatment Options

Each whiplash patient receives a customized chiropractic treatment plan after undergoing a comprehensive physical exam and an assessment of health history, symptoms, and complaints.  Visiting our doctor soon after an accident offers the chance to gain spinal balance, loosen any tight muscles, and avoid painful problems that might occur by postponing treatment.

Many patient treatment plans include a combination of therapies.  We offer these:

  • A combination of manual adjustments and massage therapy helps relieve pressure on the spinal cord and muscle tightness.
  • Spinal decompression expands spaces between spinal vertebrae, allowing spinal nerves and discs the opportunity to heal.
  • Cold laser therapy helps soft tissues heal after an acute injury.

Our chiropractor stresses that individuals involved in car accidents do not need to suffer headaches or neck or back pain after the event.  Our practice provides a high standard of treatment in a setting that is both compassionate and comfortable.

Schedule a Consultation with Our Chiropractor in Jacksonville, NC

Seeking a prompt assessment is important to avoid the possibility that you might have experienced whiplash and injuries that could appear later or worsen over time.  Our Jacksonville Chiropractic practice offers natural, non-invasive treatment options for your health and wellness needs. 

Our chiropractor in Jacksonville, NC, Dr. David Taylor, treats entire families using a variety of chiropractic services for injuries and wellness issues.  Call us today at 910-455-6696 to schedule a consultation and find out how you can enjoy an optimal quality of life.


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