Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy with Our Chiropractor in Jacksonville, NC

Man getting K-laser treatment on his knee.

Dr. David Taylor and the wellness team at Jacksonville Chiropractic welcome the opportunity to care for you and your family. Using a combinational chiropractic care approach, Dr. Taylor restores your body to its healthiest, repairs injuries and strengthens your system. Our techniques are natural and work with your body's own healing abilities so you do not feel side effects of medications or surgeries. Instead, our non-invasive chiropractic care treatments such as gentle manipulations, spinal decompression, and K-laser therapy, leave you feeling better than when you arrive at our healing center. Our Cold laser therapy treatments use certain light wavelengths to target the cellular level and promote faster healing. The infrared light penetrates into the muscle tissue without any discomfort so you are free to perform your typical daily activities.

Benefits of K-Laser Therapy with Our Jacksonville Chiropractor

Dr. Taylor and the Jacksonville Chiropractic team understand that when you are considering an alternative treatment, you have questions. Cold laser therapy is gaining popularity, but you still may be uncertain about the process. We hope to ease your mind and encourage you to ask questions about your treatments. Dr. Taylor uses K-laser therapy to speed up the process of tissue repair. For example, if your injury is muscular, Dr. Taylor directs the laser to the affected area. The infrared wavelengths reach the cells deep within the muscle tissue. Once these cells are stimulated by the light, they increase the speed of cellular activity. As a result, nutrients cross the cellular membrane faster, energy production increases and healing occurs at a faster rate. Along with improved injury recovery time, cold laser therapy also:

  • Reduces pain
  • Decreases inflammation and swelling
  • Increases circulation

Your cold laser therapy session with our chiropractor in Jacksonville NC may last between 4 and 10 minutes. The duration varies depending on the location and severity of your injury. You may feel improvements, such as pain reduction, after your first visit. Most of our clients require a handful of sessions before significant improvement is felt. The frequency we use cold laser therapy also depends on your condition and Dr. Taylor will discuss your chiropractic care plan with you.

Contact our Chiropractor in Jacksonville, NC for Cold Laser Therapy

If you live in or around the Jacksonville area and are suffering from a muscular related injury such as a muscle strain, limited mobility, scar tissue or weakness, we encourage you to try cold laser therapy with Dr. Taylor. Our K-laser treatments are non-invasive and pain-free and are performed in less than 10 minutes in the office. The goal of cold laser therapy is to stimulate cellular healing which reduces your recovery time. We want you to return your favorite physical activities and believe cold laser therapy will help you reach that goal. To learn more about K-laser therapy in Jacksonville or to schedule your appointment, please contact us today at 910-455-6696.


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